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At Qodoro, we offer a systematic approach to Healthcare and Medical Revenue Management Outsourcing Services that helps our clients focus on the mission critical tasks along with ensuring the safety of patient information and efficiency of our clients’ operations.
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We understand that a disorganized system for revenue management can have adverse effects and it can negatively impact many important aspects of an organization. But a systematized Revenue Cycle Management in healthcare is the key to smooth administration for hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

Qodoro delivers comprehensive Healthcare and Medical Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Services. Having considerable expertise in delivering outsourced healthcare revenue cycle management, we guarantee quick reimbursement and smoother administrative processes as an outcome. Our Revenue Cycle Management services range from pre-registration and scheduling of appointments to coding and billing.


The workflow that we follow considers the full cycle of claim, and it consists of the following steps:

Validation of patient pre-authorization through MD insurance Auth

Verification of member eligibility and benefits through Eligibility

Proper claims processing and submission

Timely payment postings

Management of denials including an intelligent appeals strategy

Proactive AR follow up

Comprehensive or customized reporting that enable you to manage performance

Logged to posted payment

Services offered

Patient Registration

Identifying and Entering Patient Information Required for Billing - Including using CPT and ICD-9 codes

Medical Coding

Medical Billing

Eligibility Verification

Claims Authentication Check

Claims Generation

Claims Submission

A/R Collections

Charge Entry and Payment Posting

Charge Capture and Coding

Insurance Follow-Up

Denial Management

Patient Follow-up


Credit Balances

Provider Enrolment and Credentialing

Back-office customer service

Why choose us?

Our investment in the resources and vast knowledge of the industry makes us the ideal outsourcing partner for your growth in medical practice. There a number of ways in which you can benefit if you outsource your revenue cycle management to us:

Accuracy of Output

We follow best practices for each step of the RCM process. Moreover, our highly-qualified professionals are trained specific to the project which ensures that our outputs are accurate for your business and delivered within the specified deadline.

Stringent Data Protection

We have strict protocols in place for the security of information provided to us by our clients. When you outsource work to us, you can be rest assured that Health Information of the patients and other business-specific data will be safe with us.

Differentiating Advantage

Qodoro will be your trusted outsourcing partner for all your healthcare BPO needs, including medical billing, medical record indexing, medical data entry, medical customer service, receivables management, claims processing and more.


Our technical resources and trained professionals bring much needed flexibility and customization options to the outsourced project. We are capable of scaling up the assigned resources as per the changing business requirements.

Swift Turnaround Time

We are well known for delivering results as per the business needs. This enables our clients to achieve an efficiency that is higher than what would have been generated in-house.

Increased focus

When you outsource your RCM to us, the non-core work burden on your in-house medical and administrative team decreases, helping them to focus completely on the tasks that are critical to achieving the business mission.

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