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6 ways to bag your dream job.


Get a job you love, and you will never have to work again! – Confucius

That’s right. It’s easier said than done!

But don’t you envy those folks who have a spring in their step on the way to work—people who loved what they did and couldn’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get busy on the job?
Finding a job we love! Sounds delusional? Well, it is a tad difficult but possible. Isn’t it?

Has it ever crossed your mind what would life be like, if you actually did something you loved! Wouldn’t it be completely awesome?

Imagine waking up every morning with that wide smile on your face and thriving through life. Getting to work on what you are passionate about is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone.

Let’s face it. We all have been yearning to get the job that perfectly fits our skills and behavioral traits. While all of us have unique talents, it certainly is challenging to streamline it and even more difficult to place it right!

While all of this is excellent advice, but it’s not always that simple—it can be troublesome to figure out what you love and then comes the even more difficult part, that is to stick with it!

Sticking to the job gets more natural if you love your post and when that job aligns with your personality.

For example, an outgoing person might enjoy working as a salesperson, while a shy person might find that job difficult and even disagreeable. At the same time, a shy person might find heaven in writing while the same would be a nightmare for a social person.

So the point here is that the dream job does not just exist in our dreams. There are thousands of jobs out there seeking out for the same skill set that you have.

It’s just that we are missing a few steps to get to it.

Well, that’s exactly what we are here for. While there are 1000’s of articles about how to find the job of your life, here are a few things that they might be missing on.

Learn about yourself

As rightly said by Buddha, “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. ”

Yes, learning about yourself is the most crucial part. Especially when the first question of every talent acquisition process is “Tell me something about yourself.” And guess what? Being vague doesn’t help.

While this whole thing prepares you for the screening process, it is also very crucial for you to identify what you want!

Going for a job interview without knowing what you want out of it, is like going shopping without knowing what you want. You’ll pick up anything that is going to cost you your time as well as money, and above all of it, it is going to be utterly useless.

So, introspection! Yeah, it indeed is time taking, some people might find it boring as well. Well, we all have been there!

But above all, this is the only thing that will keep you rooted and motivated, when you are hopping from one interview to another, to get the job of your life.

Look within, analyze your lifestyle, your behavior patterns, and revisit your childhood days. Learn what your passion is. Understand how long you can work. Whether you can take up a job where you have to keep on talking or you want one where you have to work in front of a computer desk all day, see how comfortable will you be commuting.

Be sure that this is what you want! Well, this is a tricky one. Here is something to simplify it.

Ask yourself, if you had nothing to worry about, no responsibility, no family pressure and just had to do something, learn something, What would it be?

It is a bit hard to think on but, my friend, this one answer will illuminate your life!

You need to imagine yourself doing that. Make a pro-con list. It never fails to help. And now, when you have put too much of thought into it, you will eventually succeed in narrowing down your job options.

And when you think you know enough, learn some more!

Now that you have the outline of your life, All that’s left is to connect the dots!

As simple as it sounds, it is equally important.

Every mail, right from your “cover” letter to “thank you for having me for the interview” letter, you’ll be telling them how you are perfect for the job and be an asset to the company, Basically selling yourself to them!

And storytelling is the best form of selling. Connecting all the dots will help you build a story of your life. It will help you fill up all the why’s and how’s that we are scared of in the interview.

Make sure that your story does justice to you. That it reflects every bit of you. Be confident because if you are not convinced that you deserve this job, how is it supposed to convince the interviewer?

Be sure about what you are going to bring in. And say it out loud, take pride in it!

You get what you ask for and if you don’t know what you want, how can you even ask for it?

Leave the money factor a tad behind.

Well yes, money is essential.

Duh! It runs the world.

But look at it this way; imagine you beating yourself up for too much work and getting the money but not able to enjoy any of that. Is that kind of life even worth it?

Even if a job pays you well, but makes you kill your passion for it or doesn’t allow you to have a work-life balance, you will eventually give up.

Even if you are attracted to the higher package, make sure it fits your lifestyle first. A job is a huge commitment. The Ladder, in their blog “Better than money” explains exactly why you should leave the money factor a tad behind.

Instead, here are a few things to look into, that would eventually pay off more in the long run.

  • Offered resources
  • Office culture
  • Learning opportunities.
  • Flexibility
  • Working hours
  • Paid leaves

Because, instead of more money, personal growth is what going to matter!

Be sure of what you are talking about!

Before you go for the interview, go through a few LinkedIn profiles of the same post that you are applying.Also being active on platforms such as linkedin will help talent acquisition firms to find you easily. It’ll help you learn about the recent howabouts of the industry. Make sure you go through the company’s profile thoroughly and know what they stand for. Form your answers in their context.

Get your resume right, list down the skills relating to your field, and update your LinkedIn profile.

Be aware of the recent innovations, learn about the successful professional, know what they did right.

Mention your interests in a concise and clear way. Do not be vague. At the same time, make sure to mention your plans for professional development. Reason everything you want to learn and how it will help the company’s overall goals.

An interview works both ways.

Ask it out. Yes, of course! It is both ways. Make sure that the job provides you with everything you deserve.

Ask questions, let the interviewer know your inclination towards the company. Ask about your role and responsibilities, values of the company, professional opportunities for growth. Also, during the interview, if you are asked something that you don’t know about, apologize and ask for the answer as well. This will indicate your passion for getting better.

And when you look forward to putting your best foot forward, make sure that you get the same there! It will keep you motivated in the long run.

The Muse has given some excellent questions you might want to ask the interviewer.

When you know, it’s not working, quit fast!

Even though you have taken care of every minute detail, at times, it turns out that you cannot find your happiness there.

It’s okay. Shifting a few jobs is not going to harm your career.

The important thing is how quick can you get off it! While every company has a different policy for this, make sure you communicate your concerns.

Once you know that it’s not working for you, quit fast. Don’t give it second thoughts. Being there is eventually going to harm you and make you even more unhappy.

Being active on a recruitment platforms pays off here. You will be aware of the current senerio and demand of the industry.

While quitting is even more exhausting and painful than interviewing, Life Hack has got some excellent reasons for why you should not think twice before quitting if the job does not make you happy.

While we have got everything in line, here is a list of things that you might not want to miss out!

Because we do not want you to just get your dream job, we want you to ace it!

  • Have a good Breakfast.
  • As much as the formal dressing is essential, it is more important to be comfortable in it.
  • Reach early and relax. You do not want to give the interview all panicked, just because the cab was late.
  • Have a mint. Make sure you smell fresh.
  • Arrange all your documents a day ahead.
  • Be sure of your notice period and mention it explicitly.
  • Avoid negativity. Do not speak ill about your previous company.
  • Be honest; it surely will do you a lot good than what you think.
  • Negotiate, because you deserve more. Do not settle

Just in case, you still need a checklist, here is one to make sure you are up to date for your interview.

And finally imagine yourself getting up early, jumping out of bed, excited about going to work.